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for partner program development and performance marketing optimization

Readymade presets for iGaming, media-buying teams,
e-commerce for Web and Mobile

Alanbase benefits

A platform brought to you by experts in iGaming and affiliate marketing helping other experts to optimize their costs and boost their profits

Flexible Real-Time Statistics

Data updates in real-time. No other software for creating affiliate programs offers such speed.

Full functionality across various payment models

In Alanbase, you have access to all payment models: CPA, Revshare, Hybrid. But that's not all! Assess the desired model with custom qualifications for payments according to your own formula.

Cohort Analysis

Perhaps one of the most useful tools in media buying, especially in the iGaming vertical. Assess the quality of traffic within the affiliate program and forget about temporary solutions with dozens of services.


Customize the partner network to your own corporate style; any branding is available with Alanbase.

Smart Goals

Set goals according to your own formulas and track what is important for your business.

Role-Based Admin System

With Alanbase, you have access to multiple levels of access with flexible permission settings: administrators, advertisers, and partners.

Integration in 24 hours

Alanbase is a constructor, so we are launching an affiliate program tailored to your business in 24 hours.

Customizable Dashboards

Create dashboards for a quick assessment of the most important indicators for you.

Currency Conversion

With Alanbase, you will receive a flexible payout module: convert statistical indicators and process payments with just 2 clicks.


Do you enjoy working with initial data? API enables one to access all available data in its original form, as well as enhance the experience of working with alanbase.

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We conduct live
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Personalized pricing
Free trial period
2 hours
Customizable statistics created by arbitrary formulas
SMART goals based on events
Customazible dashboard
Promotional codes
Referral program
Cohort analysis
Landing page work
Pixel work
Campaign automatization
А/В testing

Industry leaders trust Alanbase

The benefits of the ready-made platform Alanbase proved to be invaluable for us. The ability to start working immediately, a quick launch, and profitability for the Saas partner network became a reality for us. We express our gratitude to the Alanbase team for their responsiveness and efficiency in addressing all of our concerns. The adaptation to our technical and legal requirements went smoothly and professionally. Continuous support and prompt feedback played a key role in the successful adaptation. Arthur was in constant communication, ready to respond to our requests quickly and efficiently. Collaborating with analysts led to the establishment of an effective data transmission process. Overall, we are delighted with how Alanbase not only helped us solve the issues we encountered but also improved the efficiency of our partner program. We recommend Alanbase to anyone looking for a reliable and flexible solution for managing their partner business!
We want to express our enthusiasm for partnering with Alanbase. For instance, the cohort analysis functionality proved to be a rare gem in the world of affiliate programs. Now, the ability to assess the activity and profitability of users attracted by our partners is an essential element of our analytical process. The role-based access management system is also an integral part of our workflow. The differentiation of rights for specific actions, rather than just access to a system section, ensures security and efficiency. Thank you!
We would like to express our gratitude to the Alanbase team. We faced an issue with a unique transaction ID that could lead to difficulties in tracking conversions. Traditional methods of data transmission became ineffective due to the inability to send a postback with Click ID + TID. Thanks to Alanbase, a method for generating TID was developed, allowing the creation of unique transaction identifiers directly within the tracking system.
We decided to create our own affiliate program and began searching for a suitable tracker. The Alanbase support team provided assistance at every stage of our integration. We highly appreciate their promptness in resolving any issues and patience in explaining unclear points.
Shifting the focus from arbitrage to the idea of launching an affiliate program, we appreciated the advantages of Alanbase. The convenient and fast integration surprised us, allowing us to promptly launch a new project. The decisive factor was the convenience of statistics, flexibility, and the ability to add parameters for webmasters. Special thanks to the support representative, Alexey, for assistance with a nighttime force majeure.
The main reasons for choosing Alanbase were the ready-made database and a comprehensive personal account with an internal tracker. We appreciate the high professionalism of the Alanbase team and are grateful for the individual approach to our needs. The process of migrating to the new platform was organized at the highest level. The entire migration, including all necessary enhancements, took only three months. We particularly want to highlight the individual solutions offered by Alanbase. Automation of correct deposit status transmission, introduction of the TID parameter, A/B testing with specific webmasters, and a custom solution for transferring advertising data in Excel format—all these tools have become an integral part of our efficient workflow.
Profit House

Choose your pricing plan

Super lite







5 000 conversions

$0.019 for each subsequent

200 000 clicks

Limited Basic functional

  • Only one product
  • No events
  • Only one goal in the product
  • No cohort analysis
  • Only one condition in the offer
  • Only one tracking domain
    (can be changed via a request to support by email)
  • No external API
  • No instant support
    (up to 48 hours for response)

First 6 months


then $1000/mo

First 6 months



then $1000/mo

First 6 months



then $1000/mo

50 000 conversions

$0.009 for each subsequent

Unlimited clicks

Basic functional

  • Events
  • Goals
  • Custom statistics
  • Cohort analysis
  • Immediate support

First 6 months


then $1900/mo

First 6 months



then $1900/mo

First 6 months



then $1900/mo

250 000 conversions

$0.005 for each subsequent

Unlimited clicks

Extended functional

  • Events
  • Goals
  • Custom statistics
  • Cohort analysis
  • Immediate support
  • Promo codes
  • NGR calculation
  • Access only to your partners
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Custom currency
  • CPM payment model
  • Custom contacts filter
  • Cohort analysis for partners
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need my own partner program?

With the help of the affiliate program, you will be able to increase your income and access new sales channels.

How can Alanbase benefit my product?

Alanbase will provide you with a ready-made platform through which you can quickly set up a new customer acquisition channel.

I’m already working with a different SaaS product, how long will the transfer to Alanbase take and what about my data?

Migrating from the old solution to Alanbase will be extremely convenient. We can transfer all the information you provide in a readable format.

Do I need to be an expert in affiliate marketing in order to utilize Alanbase efficiently?

Our customer service is tailored to the diverse knowledge levels of our partners, from beginners to market professionals. We can assist both newcomers and introduce new concepts to experts.

How will Alanbase protect my data?

Alanbase works with anonymized data; we do not require personal data from your customers. All information is encrypted on our side using cryptographically secure algorithms, and strict access control is implemented within the company to protect sensitive information for employees.

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