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Launch an affiliate program
for your product

Full-fledged work with RevShare

Your platform will back up payment
for RevShare using formulas that you set yourself: NGR, net income, and others.

Trust me, you've never seen such flexibility with RevShare payouts anywhere else.

  • Flexible customization of Revshare formulas
  • Individual values of variables
    depending on the country and partner
  • Dividing the balance into CPA and RevShare
  • Ability to view RevShare values in statistics
  • Various approaches to transfer a negative balance

Fully customizable statistics table

Set up a statistics table that will show your data to you and your partners as efficiently as possible. Nobody has that kind of flexibility.

  • Creating your own unique statistics table
  • Columns may include formulas that you specify yourself
  • Limiting statistics between managers
  • Easy statistics setting for both administrators and partners

Qualification payouts

You will have a convenient tool
for rewarding a partner for completing a Qualification. No development is needed:
you can set the Qualification in just a couple of clicks.

  • Easy qualification setting for a product

Cohort analysis

You should possess a powerful tool in your arsenal that will help you analyze traffic quality and optimize campaigns.

  • The ability to monitor the traffic quality
  • Ability to analyze product values in real time

Promo codes

You and your partners will be able to use promo codes to drive traffic.

It's a great tool for sources
that disallow links.

  • Mass download of promo codes
  • Individual promo codes for partners
  • Convenient viewing of conversions by promo codes
  • Restrictions on the number of conversions and time
  • Division into categories

Smart goals

Integrating your product will be very easy thanks to smart targets. Your development will no longer be distracted in order to add new condition types.

  • Ability to add new goals without involving development
  • Easy tracking of different goals
    on Baseline and other multi-level goals

Fast integration

We launch an affiliate program in 1 day
We deliver it with high quality and with all your personal wishes included

Immediate Support

You will have a dedicated chat with managers who will answer all your questions anywhere, anytime.

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of Alanbase's features
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Choose your pricing plan
First 14 days for free
50 000 conversions
$0.009 for each subsequent
  • Immediate support
  • Limiting stats for managers
  • Promo codes
  • Antifraud system
250 000 conversions
$0.005 for each subsequent
  • Immediate support
  • Limiting stats for managers
  • Promo codes
  • Antifraud system
Custom options & price

A great choice for those using RevShare. We are ready to cut the postback price hundreds of times.

How to start a business with Alanbase
You submit a demo request
anytime you want.
We conduct live
product demonstrations
and answer all questions.
We set up the system for you
for free, we can also transfer data from your system
Ready! The free trial period starts.
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Pay only after the full launch of the project
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