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Launch an affiliate program
for CPA network

Fully customizable statistics table

Set up a statistics table that will show your data to you and your partners as efficiently as possible. Nobody has that kind of flexibility.

  • Creating your own unique statistics table
  • Columns may include formulas that you specify yourself
  • Limiting statistics between managers
  • Easy statistics setting for both administrators and partners

Working with accounts

Account work is one of the main tools when working with a CPA network. That's why we made it so comfortable and with great functionality.

  • Invoice generation with the ability to select specific offers and partners
  • You can allow or disallow partners to order the withdrawal themselves
  • Full-fledged work with currencies and automatic conversion
  • Payment generation by date
  • Working with threshholds
  • Different approaches to negative balance transfer
  • Payout adjustment

System of roles
and permissions

Add managers to your team and decide for yourself what they can do and what data they can see. It's super simple.

  • Creating roles based on permissions
  • Assigning roles to managers
  • Ability to assign specific partners to a manager
  • The ability to show the manager the data of only those partners to whom he is assigned

Anti-fraud system

You don't have to be afraid, because you will work with Alanbase.

  • Integration with the Fraudscore system
  • Fraud will be displayed in the table with statistics

Flexible work based on custom conditions

Set individual payments for partners. It's super convenient and fast.

  • Ability to set individual payments for partners
  • Ability to set payouts depending on subs

Working with CPA
and RevShare

Affiliate reward models include standard CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid Deals.

Fast integration

We launch an affiliate program in 1 day
We deliver it with high quality and with all your personal wishes included

Immediate Support

You will have a dedicated chat with managers who will answer all your questions anywhere, anytime.

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of Alanbase's features
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How to start a business with Alanbase
You submit a demo request
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We conduct live
product demonstrations
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We set up the system for you
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Pay only after the full launch of the project
according to the selected tariff plan

Choose your pricing plan

Super lite







5 000 conversions

$0.019 for each subsequent

200 000 clicks

Limited Basic functional

  • Only one product
  • No events
  • Only one goal in the product
  • No cohort analysis
  • Only one condition in the offer
  • Only one tracking domain
    (can be changed via a request to support by email)
  • No external API
  • No instant support
    (up to 48 hours for response)

First 6 months


then $1000/mo

First 6 months



then $1000/mo

First 6 months



then $1000/mo

50 000 conversions

$0.009 for each subsequent

Unlimited clicks

Basic functional

  • Events
  • Goals
  • Custom statistics
  • Cohort analysis
  • Immediate support

First 6 months


then $1900/mo

First 6 months



then $1900/mo

First 6 months



then $1900/mo

250 000 conversions

$0.005 for each subsequent

Unlimited clicks

Extended functional

  • Events
  • Goals
  • Custom statistics
  • Cohort analysis
  • Immediate support
  • Promo codes
  • NGR calculation
  • Access only to your partners
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Custom currency
  • CPM payment model
  • Custom contacts filter
  • Cohort analysis for partners
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